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Different airlines fly to Lima, Peru from 25 US airports, as well as major cities around the world.

Upon arrival at the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, passengers will be able to connect with flights to the city of Iquitos – Iquitos International Airport Colonel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta (city of entry to the Peruvian Amazon).

Upon arrival at Iquitos International Airport Colonel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta, our uniformed crew will locate you in the baggage claim area.

From there, you will be assisted in your transfer to the port of Nauta and begin your experience with us

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Beyond being the gateway to the Amazon jungle, it is a city with its own charm. Take advantage of the moments prior to your embarkation in our cruises to discover it.

Tours Half-Day

City Tour + Quistococha + Manaties (duration 2-6h.)

It includes:

  • Transfers and tickets
  • City Tour
  • Visit to the Manatee Rescue Center
  • Tour of the Quistococha Zoo
  • Enjoy the laguna and the beach
  • Opportunity to see typical animals of the area
  • Specialized guides

Pilpintuwasi (Butterfly) + Bora Community (duración 2-6h.)

It includes:

  • Transfer to hotel / Boarding dock / Hotel
  • Sailing on the Momon River
  • Observation of the variety of butterflies and metamorphosis process
  • Visit to the village of Padre Cocha – Bora community
  • Observation of the elaboration of local handicrafts
  • Specialized guides

Tours Full Day (duration 2-12h)

It includes:

  • Ground and river transfers
  • Navigation on the Amazon River
  • Visit to the flower district to observe the largest freshwater fish
  • Observation of the artisan way of obtaining the cane juice
  • Buffet lunch in a lodge located in the jungle
  • Visit with a Naturist to learn about medicinal and healing plants
  • Visit to the rescue center of typical animals of the zone “Huashalado”.
  • Fishing for Piranhas
  • Specialized Guides

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No specific vaccines are required to travel to the Peruvian jungle.
Some doctors recommend the malaria vaccine and yellow fever vaccines to travel to the Amazon basin. Peru as a country does not require it. We suggest you consult with your doctor and take preventive measures that they deem appropriate.

If you are scheduled to extend your trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu, consult your doctor about altitude sickness medications.


Security is our priority, so we have several instruments and protocols:




Chemical, water, and foam dust extinguishers

Fire hoses

Smoke detectors in
each cabin

On-board automatic

Radio communication system with independent battery.

First aid kit.

Paramedic on board.

Safety drill, once the boarding has been completed and port control is completed, the captain and the entire crew will perform a mandatory emergency drill.

Our guides have a close relationship with the inhabitants of the communities on the banks of the Amazon, which facilitates the cordiality and respect between the Amazonian citizens and our cruises.

The Cruise Director will always be available to resolve any questions related to the emergencies.


In the Amazon – Peru there are two seasons:


from November to May.

With regards to the rainy season in Peru

It falls during the months of November to May, which corresponds to the summer and autumn of the southern hemisphere. This is our relatively cooler and wetter season in the Amazon region, as it receives more than half (60%) of its total annual rainfall. During the rainy season, the average temperature is 86 ° F (30 ° C). The visit to the Amazon River of Peru at this time of year allows passengers to admire the fantastic panorama of high water. Rivers and streams of the Amazon basin rise at about 23 feet (7 meters). Apart from the impressive visual effect this produces, the rise of rivers also means that every river, stream and lake becomes navigable. With this, the flooded waterways take us to deeper places in the Amazon rainforest. Although the odds of wildlife sightings change significantly between the two seasons, it is likely to see more of some of the favorites of Amazonian wildlife at this time, such as monkeys, turtles and alligators.


from June to October.

The dry season in the Amazon

The dry season in the Amazon, coincides with our winter in the southern hemisphere. (June to October)

This is the hottest season on the Amazon River, with an average temperature of about 98 ° F (37 ° C). Despite its name, “dry season”, the heavy rains continue. A key difference between visiting Peru in the low water season versus the high water season is that in the second we can access on foot the jungle trails that are flooded from December to May, which allows our small groups to explore the jungle more deeply on foot. Our guests also tend to spot an increased abundance of migratory birds in flight during the low water (empty) season. Water levels at this time of year facilitate access to good fishing.

Cruises on the Amazon, in any of the two seasons, promise great opportunities to see and photograph the magnificent plant and animal life of the area. Read more.


Each traveler can carry a load of up to 23kg. It is recommended to include:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Lightweight long pants
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra Socks
  • Mosquito repellent containing DEET
  • Camera with charger or replacement batteries

We provide rubber boots to our travelers for wetland and mud tours.


The official currency of Peru is Nuevo Sol (PEN).

With Jungle Experiences, all payments with credit card are accepted. Travelers’ checks are not exchanged, so travelers are advised to carry cash. It is advisable to change the currency to Soles before leaving in the boat, although the payments on board are accepted in both US Dollars and Soles.

ATMs are available only in the city.


You can also check our answers for the frequently asked questions

¿What is included in the price of the cruise?

All meals and non-alcoholic beverages.
Excursions with naturalist guides
Tickets to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
Conferences and entertainment on board.
Transportation to and from the airport on the day of boarding and disembarkation, taking into account the recommended flights.
Onboard M / V Zafiro, domestic alcoholic beverages are included.
The only additional costs would be: airfare,international alcoholic beverages, boutique shopping, spa consumption, and tips.

¿When will I receive the documents for my cruise?

The documents of your cruise will be sent once the final payment has been made. Please read our terms and conditions policy before departure.

¿Should I purchase travel insurance?

We highly recommend hiring trip cancellation insurance. In case you do not arrive at the time of boarding due to a cancellation of flights, Jungle Experience will not refund the cost of the reservation, since flight cancellations are not under our control and we must comply with our schedules. If, due to force majeure, the Jungle Experiences cruises cannot sail, the company reserves the right to substitute another boat for the trip. If travelers do not accept this option, Jungle Expriences would cancel the trip with a refund of the unused nightly price on the cruise or alternatively offer an onboard cruise for future trips.

¿What is the policy for families with children?

Jungle Experiences considers children over 7 years and under 11. Our boats have suites ideal for families, with interconnected facilities or with capacity for 3 to 4 people. Our guides will be in charge of helping the little ones to explore the Peruvian Amazon in all of its dimension. All of our crew will take care of your family on board.

¿Until what age is a passenger child considered?

Jungle Experiences considers children over 7 and under 11.

¿What is the minimum age of a child to make this trip?

Jungle experiences recommends the trip with children atle
ast 7 years old.

¿How many people can stay in my suite?

In order to guarantee the maximum safety and comfort of all our passengers, we allow a maximum of 2 adults in each cabin on board M / V Amatista and M / V La Perla. On board M / V Zafiro, some cabins allow to accommodate up to 3 adults and 1 child.

The Zafiro suite can accommodate up to 4 adults.

¿Which itinerary is best and why?

We offer 5 itineraries, with 7 nights, 5 nights, 4 nights, 3 nights and 2 nights. The choice will depend on the cruise and the time available to explore the Amazon region.

¿Do all suites allow the river view?

All our rooms have windows to the outside. In the case of the M / V Amatista and the M / V La Perla, all cabins have views of the river. In the M / V Zafiro, all suites on the 1st deck have panoramic windows and the suites on the 2nd deck have a private, clear glass balcony.

The master suites of the M / V Zafirto offer a 90 degree view, and the Zafiro suite has a 180 degree river view.

¿Is there any difference between the first deck and the second deck?

On the M / V Amatista boat, the dimensions and all the features are exactly the same for both decks.

On the ship M / V La Perla, we have cabins in the three bridges, that are different sizes.

On the M / V Zafiro, the first deck offers all suites with panoramic views from floor to ceiling, and the second deck offers suites with private balconies.

¿Do I need a minimum of passengers to guarantee the date of departure of my cruise??

No, all our outings are guaranteed. Please check our current list of available departures..

¿What should I bring??

On board our cruises, an informal dress code is maintained. We advise you to bring comfortable walking shoes, light long pants and long sleeved shirts for our excursions, as well as a hat, sun block, extra socks, mosquito repellent containing DEET, and of course your camera, with a charger and spare batteries . If you want to give some small items to local people you can (t-shirts, pens, and paper are very much appreciated). We provide rubber boots for wetland and mud tours. Hairdryers will be available in each cabin

¿Do boats have smoking areas?

Smoking is allowed only in designated outdoor areas that are designated smoking areas.

Please do not throw cigarette butts or ashes into the river. In the inner areas, such as suites, dining room, bar, … smoking is not allowed.

¿Do boats have safety equipment??

Safety is a priority for Jungle Experiences.

Once the embarkation has been completed and port control is completed, the captain and the entire crew will perform a mandatory emergency drill.

In this drill you will learn to locate the life jacket yourself and check where they are located as well as memorize your way to the evacuation area in case of emergency.

Ask your Cruise Manager any questions related to the emergency situations. The boats have life jackets in the suites and on the boats. We must always hold the railings on the stairs and take the hands with the guide during embarkation and disembarkation to avoid accidents, as the floors may be wet.

On the ship we have fire hoses, smoke detectors, as well as chemical dust, water, and foam extinguishers. We also have a paramedic on board and a first aid cabinet in case of insect bites.

¿How many bags can I carry on board? Does Jungle Experiences have staff to help with baggage handling at the airport and at the port??

We recommend to use suitcases that are easily stored. The weight of the luggage is determined by the airlines, which have luggage limits.

LAN PERU, for example, allows 23 kilos (50 pounds) of checked baggage and 8 Kilos (17 pounds) of hand luggage in Economy class. Our staff will be available at the airport and at the pier. Once we pick up your bags at the airport, will take them to your suite.

¿Should I bring gifts for local people?

We recommend sharing t-shirts, pencils and / or notebooks with locals instead of cash or sweets. We suggest, after the interaction during visits and those who want to help financially, to buy food in small shops in the city and deliver them to children in their homes.

¿What is a short excursion? ¿How physically demanding is it?

A short excursion is an opportunity to explore the small tributaries in small boats. During the excursions we can find monkeys and birds in their natural habitat. We can visit a local village and go fishing.

In most excursions no effort is demanded. The excursions last two or three hours, allowing you to have time to explore, know and photograph the abundant wildlife. Land excursions involve landing on a dry river; However, for your safety, your guide and driver of the auxiliary boats will be Always available to help you. Guests should be in good physical health in order to get the most out of their cruise. Excursions can include hikes on uneven terrain. Getting on and off the lifeboats may require a little physical effort. Our naturalist guides will always be willing to help you.

Jungle Experiences provides rubber hiking boots and we recommend bringing comfortable walking shoes. We also offer waterproof ponchos with hoods to protect you during the rain.

¿Can I make trips on my own?

For security reasons, Jungle Experiences asks passengers to stay with our naturalist guides during their stay aboard our cruises.

¿Are the Suites assigned in advance?

The suites will be assigned at the time when you confirm your reservation. All suites are described and numbered on our deck plan. It is possible to request a specific suite depending on your preference, which will be assigned based on availability.

¿What services are available on board?

Our ships are equipped with a satellite phone.

The cost of the call can be paid directly on board. We will inform you, before calling, the current price of an international call.

We do not have an Internet connection on board the ship. There are no handicap facilities aboard the M / V Amatista.

¿Do you have laundry service?

On all of our cruises we have laundry service with an additional charge.

¿What kind of medical assistance is on board?

We have a paramedic on board at all times, in addition to our trained first aid personnel, who can handle minor scrapes, stings or sprains

¿What precautions should I take to prevent delinquency while traveling to Peru?

Peru is well known for its warmth and hospitable people. However, when traveling in large cities, visitors should be wary of pickpockets and street criminals, as anywhere in the world. Keep your belongings nearby (do not store valuables in a backpack) and avoid wearing flashy jewelry.

¿Do you have safes on board?

Yes. All our cruisers have safes with instructions for use.

¿Can we drink the water aboard the boats?

Upon arrival on board, you will be provided with a complimentary bottle of water, which will be yours and you can refill it at the available refueling stations. It is recommended that you not drink tap water.

¿How to prevent dizziness?

We navigate some of the world’s quietest waters. In addition, our team continuously receives the most accurate meteorological information, which reduces the incidence of getting boat sick for our guests.

During the navigation in boats, the tributaries are of very calm waters.

¿Will we have insect repellent and sunscreen available on board?

We recommend that you bring your own repellent. Our recommendations are insect repellent with 100% DEET. However, we offer free organic options on board.

¿Are all alcoholic beverages included?

M / V Zafiro includes domestic alcoholic beverages.
M / V Amatista and M / V La Perla does not include alcoholic beverages..

¿What is the method of payment on board? Do you accept cash?

You will be asked to sign your bill for all consumptions. Please keep a record of your consumption of alcoholic beverages in order to avoid any confusion at the end of the cruise.
You can pay your bill at any bar or boutique in dollars, soles, or with Visa or MasterCard.


We are often asked what tip amount is appropriate for guides and crew, and our answer is that the quality of service should determine the amount of any tip.

On the M / V Amatista & M / V La Perla cruises,our recommendation is $ 15 per passenger per night, 10 for the crew and 5 for the guides.

On the M / V Zafiro cruise an amount in the range of US $ 20 – $ 30 per passenger and night is recommended for the crew (which is divided among all crew members) and between US $ 7 – $ 10 per passenger and night for guides.

¿What is the legal drinking age for Jungle Experiences cruises?

The legal age for the consumption of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages in Peru is 18.

¿What if I have specific requirements in my diet?

If you have special dietary requests please inform us at the time of booking, or at least 30 days in advance.

¿Can I request a change of table in the restaurant?¿Do you have room service?

This is not usually a problem. However, if you wish to switch to another table, please ask your cruise manager.

He or she will do their best to accommodate you in the dining room with discretion and courtesy. Room service is only available in case of illness.

¿Who do I contact if I have a special request on board?

Please contact our team or guides.

¿What currency is used in Peru?

The Nuevo Sol (Sol) is the official currency of Peru. One dollar equals about 3 Soles.

¿How do I protect myself against mosquitoes in the jungle?

From our experience, we recommend these options to repel mosquitoes:

  • DEET remains the most effective repellent on the market. Look for products with at least 30 percent (10 percent for children) of the active ingredient, such as Ultrathon Lotion.
  • Other repellents recommended by the Centers for Disease Control are Picadrin.
  • For protection, one should wear long sleeved shirts, long pants, and netted hats.