“The frozen Pisco Sour”: From the Amazon to your home, our favorite cocktail

“This cocktail is a happy hour staple on our Amazon River cruise” – Bartender Charles.

What do you need?
• 3 parts of Pisco (or Italian Grappa, Brandy, Vodka or Scotch Whisky). Alcohol must be 80-85 proof.

• 2 parts of bar sugar syrup (or regular white sugar).

• 1 part of fresh key lemon or lime juice.

• Egg white lightly beaten (for one Pisco sour glass, use one tablespoon of egg white).

• Ice (in the same volume as liquids).

• 2 drops of Angostura bitter (Or a bit of powdered cinnamon).

Let’s prepare it!
• Combine Pisco (or the alcohol you will be using), sugar syrup (or regular white sugar), key lemon, or lime juice and egg white into a blender.

• Once you have all the ingredients in the blender, add the ice.

• Blend until all the ice is thoroughly crushed. Serve and add a couple of Angostura bitter drops (or powder cinnamon).


And that’s it! You are now a bartender!