Pacaya Samiria: Understanding how immense the world is, by discovering vast of amount of creatures that live amoung us

Travel to where our planet comes to life. Pacaya Samiria Reserve is an authentic nest of life. It is a land that hosts dozens of species of reptiles and amphibians, hundreds of species of birds, mammals and fish, thousands of wild and cultivated plant species.

A life in continuous movement. Life never takes a break in Pacaya Samiria. It is so fertile and diverse, and even today, they still discover unique and unknown species. To immerse yourself in its immensity, is to discover much more than you can see in a lifetime.

Civilizations built by nature. The love for the immense biodiversity that inhabits the Reserva Pacaya Samiria has given rise to dozens of native cultures that already devote part of their daily routine to the conservation of their surroundings. Taking care of, admiring, respecting the magic of nature, feeling the planet from the essence of its inhabitants, and discovering how life makes its way in every corner … This is living the heart of the Amazon.

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