Our naturalist guides are expedition leaders with more than 20 years of experience in the Amazon rainforest.

They have assisted numerous biologist and carried out large projects and research projects throughout the Amazon region.

They are recognized for being the most knowledgeable guides of the region, with a very vast knowledge of local culture and customs.



Hulber P.

Paredes Rioja

Hulber P. Paredes Rioja grew up along the Napo River in a tiny village (blue diamond – Diamante Azul) of just 18 families (about 86 people),. Without electricity, he studied in his community elementary school until the age of eleven years old because there was no high school in his village.

After fishing, and collecting fruit to take down to Iquitos to be sold at the Belen market, Hulber starting doing his own expeditions when he was pretty young.

Later on, he moved into a bigger city called Iquitos to continue his education (high school). At the age of 16 he volunteered with the Peruvian Air Force where he served for 2 years. While in the Air Force, he received survival training at the same times as he was working with the DEA- United States. He began to learn English at the University o Language in Iquitos while simultaneously learning biology and hepatology.

Hulber began working in the tourism industry at a hotel in Iquitos and working with biologists in the rainforest doing research with the Cornell University (in the subject of nature wildlife) and Delaware University (anthropology). Hulber later studied to become a naturalist and has spent more than 10 years working as a naturalist guide.

  • Amazon tours and cruises for different companies
  • Research with the Boras,Witotos, and Matzes native tribes.
  • Paseos Amazónicos Amazon Lodge.
  • Jacamar Amazon Lodge Company.
  • Amazon Loving Light Company.
  • Amazon Yarapa River Lodge; assisted researchers and scientists while deepening his knowledge of biology, botany and herpetology.
  • Muyuna Amazon Lodge.
  • Jungle Expeditions.
  • South American Explorations.
  • The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve conservation project re-population of river turtles, snakes and reforestation of selected trees (Red Mahogany, Ceder, Ceibos)
  • Herpetology: snakes, amphibians
  • Ornithology and Birding
  • Amazonian fish species
  • Medicinal plants and insects
  • Survival training and couching
  • Local culture and folklore
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Native languages: Yagua, Kukama, Bora.


Juan Carlos

Palomino Berndt

Naturalist – Lecturer, jungle guide and researcher assistant. Juan Carlos has assisted various biologists and documentary film makers in long term trips and research projects throughout the Amazon region.  Known for being the most knowledgeable jungle guide in the region with extensive insight to local culture and customs, he has over 20 years  of experiences as a Naturalist Expedition Leader in the Amazon Rainforest.

With a lifetime of experience in the Amazon Rainforest, Juan Carlos was born along the Nanay River in one of the last “Iquitos Native” communities, “Lupuna¨. Growing up in the jungle his whole life, he learned from his uncle, a “local healer” and Shaman. Now he shares the plant secrets of the rainforest with different types of groups including international biologist, travel veterans, and University Alumni Organizations.

At the tender age of 15, Juan Carlos joined the Peruvian National Army where his jungle survival skills were refined and put into practical use.  After serving two years in the PNA, he moved on to study language, theology and public relations at the English Institute in Iquitos where he then proceeded to the University of Iquitos to study biology. He has been frequently hunted out as an Expedition Leader by many Universities, adventure travel companies, and private enterprises working in the area of bio diversity and environmental issues.

  • Cornell University scientific research through the Yarapa River Lodge for 8 years.
  • Director of Emerald Forest Expeditions (South American Explores Guide)
  • Voyages to Remember, survival expeditions company.
  • Jungle Expeditions with NHK World Japan, a 40 day trek to film a documentary on the rare Red Uakari Monkey in the Tiptoe River area (Tapiche)
  • Explorama Tours’ Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER), after the National Geographic Society which created an education and research center in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.
  • Joker Adventure, (Belgium company) 17 years of repeated camping and survival expeditions.
  • Expedition Leader/Coordinating Naturalist and researcher assistant for the Amazon Refuge, a wild life research center.
  • National Geographic Photography for the 2010 expeditions.
  • Lecturer at Dartmouth University (New Hampshire, USA) on 2012 about complementary medicine and gender in nature.
  • Location manager and naturalist survivalist in charge during the shooting of Naked and Afraid, Amazon Season 2013 (Discovery Channel).
  • Recognized by the South American Explorer’s Club as one of the best naturalist guides in the Amazon region.
  • Jungle Experiences’ for the MV Amatista tours and cruises (jungle naturalist guide).
  • Ornithology (Birding)
  • Reptiles and Fish
  • Amazonian Medicinal Plants & Orchids
  • Jungle Survival Training
  • Amazonian Cultures, Customs & Folklore
  • Amazonian philosophy.
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Native dialect



Rodríguez Novoa

Naturalist Expedition Leader for 20 + years with experience in both the lower Amazon Rainforest Basin and the high jungle in the San Martin Region, also known as the “Cloud Forest”. This area is known for the wide variety of native communities that have preserved their ancestral rituals.


Robinson started life in a small community called Yorongos were his family grew crops like: rice, bananas, peanuts and different native fruits of the rainforest. Always eager to learn, he attended the local village school in his native community. Later he moved onto a bigger town called Rioja to continue his education. La Rioja is known for its waterfalls, condors, and local caves that contain capriciously formed stalagmites and stalactites as well as over two thousand variety of orchids.

Robinson, with much determination, decided to go further on with his education by attending the University of Iquitos. His journey took him first to Yurimaguas, then traveling by local ferry to Iquitos to study biology, botany, and sustainable eco-tourism. Robinson continued his education by attending the local English institute to enhance his language and presentation skills; learning the names of both plants and birds in Latin and English.  He has worked as leader on many outstanding discussion projects throughout the Amazon. He continues to show the world his home, “the rainforest” while sharing his vast knowledge of nature and local traditions to the world as an active guide, expedition leader, and lecturer on local village life as well as flora and fauna.

  • Jungle Expeditions with NHK World Japan, leading a 40-day trek to film a documentary on the rare Red Uakari Monkey in the Tapiche River area.
  • Yarapa River Lodge leading camping and survival skills, while studying with local shamans and curators to learn the medicinal properties and uses for local plants by natives.
  • The Pacaya and Samiria National Reserve conservation project re-population of endangered river turtles.
  • Tahuayo Communal Reserve, working on a census project of bird species. The Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve was designated a reserve by the Peruvian government in 1991 to protect the range of the rare Red Uakari monkey. A scientific research has found this area to have one of the world’s richest varieties of plants, amphibians, reptiles and birds of any region in the Amazon.
  • Scout and leader of bird species census in this region.
  • Expedition Leader for CNN Documentary in Spanish for the program named “Destino”, used as an educational and promotional tool by the Peruvian government.
  • Lecturer at Dartmouth University on 2012
  • Jungles Expeditions Guide, leader and lecturer working with a wide variety of US and Canadian University Alumni Organizations such as: Dartmouth, UCLA, Oberlin, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, University of British Colombia, Concordia, Western of Ontario, University of Alberta, The University of Toronto, as well as special groups such as the Smithsonian and National Geographic Explores
  • Ornithology & Birding
  • Reptiles and Fish
  • Amazonian Medicinal Plants & Orchids
  • Jungle Survival Training
  • Amazonian Cultures, Customs & Folklore
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Native dialect, Kukama



Vásquez Flores

Daniel has assisted various documentary filmmakers through Discovery Channel & National Geographic throughout the Peruvian Amazon. Well specialized and knowledgeable jungle guide in Manu Park, Tambopata, and Pacaya & Samiria Reserves with extensive insight to local culture and customs. Naturalist expedition leader with 26 years of experience in the Amazon Rainforest.

With a lifetime experience in the Amazon Rainforest. Daniel was born along the Huallaga River in a small community called ISLANDIA. Born and raised in the jungle his whole life, he learned everything from his father and grandmother, nativefrom Kukama Kukamiria tribe. He is experienced in ayahuasca ceremonies, having drunk 18 times. Now he shares his knowledge with university alumni organizations (Cornell, Pennstate, Audubon Society, Standford and Harvard Universities).

  • Explorama Tours for 2 years
  • Paseos Amazónicos for 7 years
  • Junglex - along Pacaya & Samiria Reserve.
  • Manu Adventures - Manu Park for 1 year.
  • Manager in Cayman Lodge Amazonia for 5 years.
  • Aqua Expeditions - Luxury Amazon Voyages for 8 years.
  • Jungle Experience’s for the MV Amatista Tours and Cruises. (Jungle Naturalist Guide).
  • Ornithology
  • Reptiles and fish.
  • Amazonian medicinal plants & orchids.
  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese