When is the best time to go to the Amazon?

If someone asked us this question, we could only answer as follows: it depends on what are you looking for. The Amazon is known for being the world’s mightiest river and offers endless opportunities to experience its waters, its fauna and vegetation, each one as different from each other as wonderful.The type of experience depends on what time of the year you decide to visit the Amazon. There are two main seasons that rule the Amazon: the growing season (high water) from December to May, and the low water season (low water) from June to November.If you are looking for a unique sailing experience throughout the Amazon, the growing season is for you. In this season, the temperature is approximately 30°C (86°F), which comes to differentiate it up to 12°C less than in the low water season, besides it allows us to have a fantastic view of the water. An important advantage is that all rivers, streams and lakes are navigable at this time, creating a more immersive experience and long waterways and wildlife of the Amazon, which leaves us to appreciate the favorites of the Amazon wildlife such as monkeys, turtles and alligators. By the other hand, the low water season becomes much hotter than the previous one (temperatures around 37°C), but allows us to enjoy a different experience, but just as stunning. If you are looking for the adventure of walking between jungle trails, this is for you, because the shallow water permits us to access in areas that in another season we could not. In addition, this time is perfect for activities such as fishing in the river, in which is very easy to catch piranhas and other species.As we can see, no matter what time of the year it is, any one of them is perfect to get to know the different activities offered by the hugeness of the Amazon jungle. In Jungle Experiences we know it, so we offer cruises that will allow you to see the heart of the jungle, appreciate the wonderful landscapes that stained the sunrises and sunsets, and learn about the most colorful animals that inhabit the area, always ready to lay their
curious look to the visitors.We’ll wait for you any time of the year that you decide to meet the beauty of the Amazon. If you wish more information regarding this amazing experience, write to us at in@jungleexperiences.com or leave us your contact info. in our inbox.