Animals that you will only see in the Amazon

The Amazonic Jungle is one of the regions with the biggest biodiversity in the planet. Only in the last 15 years there have been discovered 1200 new species of plants and vertebrate animals. With so much diversity it is only natural that
unique and special animals live here that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the planet. For that, we leave you a list of the most strange and exotic animals that you can find if you decide to make live the adventure of knowing the immensity of the Amazon.

Sloth:It is one of the most interesting animals that exist in the Amazon. Generally, they cannot be seeing in the lower parts of the Amazon, for it lives high in the trees. It spends most of its time sleeping, that’s where its name comes from, plus it moves very slowly.

Tití Leon Dorado Monkey: What brings our attention most of this specie is its looks. At first glance you might think that it is a mixture of a monkey and a lion, but it is not, this monkey has a thick fur around its head, which makes it a unique specie. It lives on the top branches of trees and feeds mostly out of fruits, insects and small reptiles.

Electric Eel : This specie has been represented innumerous times in cultural and popular histories worldwide. This is due to the electric discharges it has, that can go up to 600 volts when it feels threatened. Although it is called ‘eel’, it is really an endemic fish of the Amazon.

Bullet Ant: This is one specie we would not want to run into. With a size no bigger than 25 millimeters, this ant’s bite is catalogued as the most painful of the world. Those who have been stung by assure it hurts as much as getting shot. Nevertheless, you should not worry about it, there only exist in the deepest corners of the Amazonian Jungle.

Venomous Dart Frog: It is one of the most venomous frogs there exists. It is so dangerous that it is said that it can kill a human in seconds just by having contact with him. It has a very remarkable blue color, which can be used to scare away some predators that roam the jungle. It has been said that the local Indians used it as a biological weapon, rubbing the tip of their spears on the back of the frog, this is where it gets its name from.

This are only 5 species out of the thousands that exist in the Amazon, one more curious and rare than the last one, but all unique and marvelous. When coming to the Amazon, you will get to know the stories that have been made around this animals. In Jungle Experiences we have cruise packs through the Amazon River, where you will enjoy the tranquility of the jungle and participate in the diverse excursions through the Amazonian Jungle so you can see the species that live there. If you wish more information, write to us at